Saturday, March 26, 2011

Speedo Aquabeat Review

This article is mainly about Speedo Aquabeat review. The Aquabeat by Speedo is a user-friendly and portable waterproof digital player. You can take this small music player with you when you go swimming in the pool, fishing, wakeboarding ,snowboarding in mountain ski resorts, or when you're exercising at home. It is absolutely the perfect music companion for either non-aquatic and aquatic sport activities.

The Speedo Aquabeat gives plenty of features that all water sports fanatic will take pleasure in using it. This compact aquatic portable music player has a sophisticated style and it barely weighs thirty-five grams. If you assess the shape of this watertight mp3 device very closely, you will notice that the controls are incredibly tangible. The play and forward button and the pause and back switch are joined together respectively. These simple to navigate buttons are located on the outer face of the portable music player. Additionally, you will discover that the dedicated volume control are positioned on the side of this water-resistant device so you can effortlessly find them. This way when you place this digital gadget behind your swim cap, you can simply change the volume to your liking without having you to removing it at all.

In addition to this Speedo Aquabeat review I also want to mention that this device comes with a waterproof headphones that transmit great quality music even while you’re swimming with them. These earbuds are comfortable to wear and is equipped with earhooks that will keep it firmly in position even when performing flipturns in the swimming pool. The earbuds of the Speedo Aquabeat can also be extended with the accompanied extension cable so that it can be put around the hips or the arms without restricting the movement of the user. In addition, the headphones also comes with three variety of sizes of interchangeable triple flange rubberized earpieces that can be use for secure and tailored fit. The Speedo Aquabeat has 1 gigabytes memory capacity that can easily be loaded up with 250 mp3 or 500 WMA of your preferred audio files. This waterproof gadget also comes with a free program that can be utilize to organize your audio file collections.

But, the free program is not required if you just want to include your audio collection to the waterproof mp3 audio player. You can easily drag your music files from your notebook computer and drop them to your digitize portable music gadget with the accompanied USB lead. But if you want to listen your music in certain sequence must put a number on each song. If you’re preparing to add hundreds of songs start with the least number such as 001 and then 002, and so on. 

To recharge your Speedo Aquabeat you should attach your waterproof digitize gadget with the USB cord that came with the device. It is recommended to completely charge your digital device before using it for the very first time. The Speedo Aquabeat waterproof mp3 players requires nearly two hours to fully charge and make certain that your device is totally charged before utilizing the first time around.

To conclude this Speedo Aquabeat review, this gadget is truly a 100 percent watertight digital device that will permit you to take your audio everywhere you go may it be land or water. It is a perfect waterproof digital player for water sports activities such as snorkeling, body boarding, kayaking, water skiing, or even when you go snowboarding in the mountain ski resorts. The Speedo Aquabeat weighs merely 35 grams simply because it is made with lightweight but strong material. You also don’t have to worry if your waterproof digitize player falls off in the water since it has the capacity to float and thus, making it unproblematic to retrieve. The waterproof earphones that arrives with the Speedo Aquabeat not only provides great music but it is also very comfortable to wear all day long. Last but not least, the 1 gigabytes of memory capacity will let you bring up to 500 WMA or 250 MP3 of your desired music collection on the go. May it be water or land, the Speedo Aquabeat will offer you music and enthusiasm anytime of the day. I hope that this Speedo Aquabeat review has provided ample of information to help you decide which waterproof mp3 you will be buying in the near future.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

H2O Audio Surge Waterproof Headphones

H2O Audio is one of the leading makers of compact aquatic devices and accessories. One of their newest product is the H2O Audio Surge waterproof headphones. The H2O Audio Surge watertight headphones is created specifically for waterproof mp3 players so that it can be use in water sports and non-aquatic sports activities that might include sweat or other types of wetness in the environment. This earphones is completely 100 percent waterproof and it can be submerged as deep as twelve feet deep or 3.6 meters underwater.

This aquatic earbuds has standard 3.5mm headphone jack that is compatible with all types of waterproof mp3 players and non-waterproof digitize gadgets that are available in the market today. H2O Audio ear bud maker is also nice enough to include a carrying container in which you can put away your aquatic earphones when you’re not using them. This reduces the general wear and tear when you put it away on your bag, on your pocket or on your backpack.

The H2O Audio Surge watertight earphones will take your music to another level. Portable music lovers who are also into swimming, surfing, kite boarding or other water sports activities will surely appreciate this device. With this aquatic ear buds, swimmers can listen to their favorite audio that can help them get motivated in the swimming pool, surfers can get stoked while waiting for the next waves to come, and kite boarders can pump up their songs while elevated high in the air. Plus, if your concerned about the style of this headphones, the H2O Audio Surge waterproof headphones is intended to look striking no matter where you use it. This waterproof ear buds also comes with five different sets of ear tips that you will be able to use for customized fit and to attain maximum comfort.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UwaterG2 MP3 Player

The UWaterG2 mp3 player is an amazingly small waterproof device so that you will be able to lug it everywhere you go such as the beach, skiing, biking, working out or even when you're swimming under water. Created with a very unique design with a really light weight material, this type of mp3 player is very attractive, and it provides you the most freedom to show your hobby in swimming. In addition, the UWaterG2 portable music player will also provide you additional easy to use interphase because it is equipped with multi-color LED. Thus, you can control your music effortless. And like the Speedo Aquabeat, the UWaterG2 mp3 player comes in array of color and memory capacities. This waterproof player is sold in 2 gigabyes, 4 gigabytes, and 8 gigabytes. So no matter where you are, either land or water, the UwaterG2 waterproof player will allow you to bring your favorite music on the go.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waterproof MP3 Players

Waterproof MP3 Players
Waterproof MP3 players are big introduction as far as digital music entertainment goes. This contraption is great for swimmers, divers, surfers and other people that are generally exposed to moisture. Now you are able to have your music with you no matter what your water activity of choice is.

If you swim laps at the swimming pool for sport or exercise, it's an added  to be able to listen to music when you're doing it. Swim exercises can be time consuming and heavy, and having a little music in your ear helps pass the time. Besides, the velocity of your swim can be resolve by the flow of the music, and you can produce play lists that impel you to keep the flow in ways you weren't able to before.

It's essential that you select an music player that fits for your workout. Besides from swimming laps, this gizmo can also be used in many other water activities, like a day at the swimming pool. You can use your waterproof MP3 player during work outs, snowboarding, mountain biking, skate boarding and any activity where you might expect to get clammy or soaked, and possibly expose your audio player to moisture. If you're in the market for a new MP3 player, it's crucial to make sure it's waterproof so you won't have to worry getting it damaged by sweat.

Dolphin and Swimp3 waterproof MP3 players are just two of the most prominent brands available in the market. They are made of highly reliable and water tight materials. They also have myriads of other aspects that gave them the good ratings. The Swimp3 is ideal for lap swimming due to its headphone free technologies, and the Dolphin is the best for all types of usage. These portable waterproof music players add entertainment and convenience at the same time.